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Interventional Orthopedics of Raleigh

Advanced Bone Marrow Concentrate (Sometimes Referred to as Stem Cell Therapy) and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Arthritis, Common Joint Injuries, and Other Orthopedic Conditions

We are North Carolina’s premier orthopedic regenerative medicine practice, and North Carolina’s original Regenexx® Network Provider. Regenexx Procedures are advanced regenerative treatments available. They utilize a patient’s own bone marrow concentrate (which contains stem cells), blood platelets, and growth factors to treat common joint injuries, arthritis, spine conditions, and sports injuries.

Regenexx Network Physicians are all musculoskeletal specialists with the most advanced training in interventional orthopedics, injection skills, and the utilization of imaging technology for precise placement of cell reinjections.

Please get in touch with us if you are experiencing pain due to an orthopedic condition, or complete the Regenexx Candidate Form for more information and to be contacted by a Regenexx Representative to have your questions answered.

We look forward to being a partner on your path to better health!