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7 months ago
First of let me say I live in chronic pain. I went from being a runner to unable to workout at the last 4 years I’ve had several spinal surgeries including a fusion and lots of complications. I’ve tried it all and in desperation I saved up for PRP, why not right? Well after 12 weeks I’m happy to say things are finally improving. There is no other explanation other than the PRP. In fact I’m going in for a second round tomorrow. Dr. Patterson is extremely knowledgeable and wants the best for his patients. He will not do the treatment if he doesn’t think there’s a chance you will have good results. He and his staff are kind and professional. I’m grateful to have found them.
Healthgrades User
10 months ago
From the first phone call inquiring about the procedure to after i walked out the door after my procedure everyone made it so easy and accommodated me. As I have mobility issues. Everyone i had contact or spoke with in the office was kind and helpful also very comforting.
Kaye Johnson Nothing Else
11 months ago
Dr. Patterson and his staff are awesome! The PRP injections that were administered to my right knee to treat mild osteoarthritis have been very beneficial!
Tim Lewis
1 year ago
I am ten weeks post-platelet lysate procedure on lumbar spine and I almost feel like a walking miracle!!! After 3 years of intense pain, I can stand, walk, swim and exercise with no pain!! I depended on a walker previously most of the time. Please consider alternatives to surgery if you can. Dr. Patterson literally changed my life....and he is just so kind and gentle. Cannot say enough about good things him. I will forever be grateful.
Patricia Holsten
1 year ago
Dr. Patterson saved my life. I was in constant pain as a result of a back surgery which gave me the ability to walk, but left me in pain for 10 years. After treatment that persistent pain is now gone and I can walk around at the end of a day without a limp. Air Travel was also a huge problem and now I can do it with far less discomfort (Airplanes are still awful, regardless of my back!) I recommend Dr. Patterson to my friends and family. The steps were fast: 1. First Consult with Dr. Patterson 2. MRI of my back. 3. Dr Patterson Proposed a Treatment Plan. 4. Blood was drawn and I was treated later that day. 5. After a few weeks, I was healed and my persistent pain was gone.
2 years ago
I'm happy to share a note of thanks and support for Dr. Patterson and his team at Interventional Ortho of Raleigh. First and foremost, Dr. P has a great engagement style for active listening, asking lots of questions, and explaining with details how Regenexx may or may not help with a particular issue. Second, the whole team I worked with were outstanding - happy, professional, engaged and caring. Finally and most important for me personally the Regenexx procedure worked. It just worked. Your mileage may vary, but I can genuinely say that I'm in less pain than I was before the procedure and I'm thrilled that I avoided surgery for the problem. If anyone is curious enough to be reading these reviews, go ahead and take the next step and go talk to Dr. P
Jeff Pollock
2 years ago
Dr. Patterson's individual course of treatment for my body symptoms worked! I have seen great improvements. Staff was always patient and very knowledgeable when I had questions. Even now, Dr. Patterson is treating my Mother. So when my former Doctor gave me only two choices, live with the pain or have surgery, I am happy I found a third option with Interventional Orthopedics of Raleigh!
Julie Baker
2 years ago
Regenexx PRP lysate injections for cervical spine and rotator cuff tears.
Mrs. Dave
3 years ago
I have back issues and was uncomfortable most days and becoming limited in some activities. I met with Dr Patterson and staff to discuss PRP therapy. I had the procedure the first of November 2020. I have seen so much improvement for which I am so thankful. This works!!! And the doctor and staff were so kind and made the experience as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone with issues that they address! Thanks to all at Interventional Orthopedics of Raleigh!
Lecia Ford
3 years ago
Dr Patterson was professional, very very knowledgeable and really takes patient care seriously. I would 100% recommend him to anyone to if you want a straight answer on your health.
Michael Wilson
3 years ago
Dr. Patterson and staff are wonderful. They will literally go the extra mile to help you out. I came in desperate with an issue that has stumped multiple doctors. My first visit included over an hour discussion, which included going over my MRIs in person as well as trigger point injections. It was recommended that I explore trigger point messages, as well, which I have since begun. Anyway, this is the closest I've gotten to a real answer about what's going on. I'm still early in the treatment process, but long story short this is NOT a patient mill. It's not the turn and burn and indifferent treatment. They take their time, the doctor is very knowledgeable and it's apparent that they really care. Highly recommend...
3 years ago
It’s my ONE YR Anniversary today!!!And I’m excited bc I can do things now that I couldn’t just a year ago. Please be kind to yourself. Check this out. ✔️ Besides everyone in this office is amazing. TY Dr Patterson and (Mrs)
Bev Francis
4 years ago
The staff at Interventional Orthopedics is very helpful and knowledgeable! I felt well cared for in my visits to their office. The procedure I had has made a difference in my quality of life, and the pain has lessened considerably. It has been 6 weeks since my PRP procedure, and I anticipate continued good results. Thank you, Dr. Patterson!
Joanna Barnes Fonville
4 years ago
The office personnel are extremely nice and helpful, I felt very at ease. Dr. Patterson explained the procedure for my neck thoroughly and precisely. I was made as comfortable as possible and all was explained again during the procedure. I am so glad that I chose Dr. Patterson and this type of treatment for my neck pain, as multiple other avenues had not helped. I would recommend Dr. Patterson, the office staff and this type of treatment to anyone.
Meliah Garren
4 years ago
Dr Patterson offers excellent options to reduce pain, improve function and avoid major surgery. He took the time to answer all my questions and showed great concern for my problems. His staff is wonderful.
Rebekah Steele
4 years ago
Very good experience. Nice to have a provider offering regenexx for certain procedures in NC!
Ivy Bagley
4 years ago
I am not much of a review writer, so just know that this is 100% from the heart. I have never been shown the amount of care and concern from a physician like I have just experienced from Dr. Patterson. I was totally impressed after our initial consultation. Yesterday, he performed a PRP on my foot and my hand. I was treated like a queen by him and his staff. PRP injections take several weeks to work so I can’t say I have been healed yet, but I am extremely hopeful. A trip to see Dr. Patterson was worth the drive from Kinston. I highly recommend that you try Interventional Orthopedics! Debbie Norville 😄
Debra Norville
4 years ago
I was walking with a cane in excruciating pain. I am walking with no pain after the procedure. Highly recommend this procedure. Everyone at the office is great.
Mary Zenere
4 years ago
Great doctor who is very knowledgeable and caring.
Richard Salinas
4 years ago
I’ve been suffering for several years with pain and weakness in my hands due to arthritis. Dr. Patterson administered PRP injections into my thumb joints, and within a week and a half of healing time the results were incredible! The aching pain in my hands was greatly diminished, allowing me to grip and perform tasks pain free! A big thanks to Dr. Patterson and the professional staff at Interventional Orthopedics of Raleigh for the pleasant experience! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and highly recommend Interventional Orthopedics of Raleigh.
John Podolak
5 years ago
Amazing staff and doctor do yourself a favor and let them help you like they did me!
Nadine Longo Turner
8 years ago
He is the kindest, most compassionate, honest doctor in the entire area! I highly recommend him to everyone. He is the only doctor who has ever helped my problems!!
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